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About Us

Superlative Autosport was established in Great Britain, in 2008 by a team of elite motorsport engineering and software specialists. With decades of automotive experience on both the street and on the race track, the founders were inspired to develop the world’s most advanced performance software revisions and performance upgrades available for high-end European luxury and exotic vehicle marques including;

Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Maserati, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Rolls-Royce and many more.

Currently operating with locations in the UK and in the USA, Superlative Autosport also offers worldwide services through a trusted authorised dealer network and through the Mobile Technician Service (MTS), where clients can have a Superlative Autosport technician come to their location anywhere in the world to perform the upgrade software modifications to their vehicle.

  • Precision engineering

    We are equally as passsionate about the additional power your vehicle can produce, as well as the longevity of the powerplant

  • Tried and Tested

    No Check Engine Lights!

  • Fast Logistics

    Partnering with the worlds leading logistics companies we guarantee fast delivery times

  • Technician to your door

    We offer the convenient service of having a tech come to your location anywhere in the world to perform the vehicle upgrades

Ever since the release of the One-77, Superlative Autosport engineers wanted to develop a stroker engine package to see what power could be extracted from the Costworth V12 cylinder block and heads found in the GT and sedan Aston Martin cars. Combining our knowledge of prior DBR9 spec engine building with countless development time spent on the R&D and testing a variety of configurations, Superlative Autosport now offer bespoke V12 stroker engine upgrades to Aston Martin V12 vehicle owners.

Other performance upgrades including; ECU tuning, exhaust systems, suspension, lightweight wheels, big brake kits and aerodynamics are also available. Visit the Aston Martin products page for further details, technical data and pricing.

Spawning from our extensive Lamborghini V10 development, Superlative Autosport have also developed a variety of performance software recalibrations for the Audi R8, which happens to share the same engine. Impressive horsepower and torque gains are received from reprogramming the Audi’s factory control modules through the OBD2 port leaving no physical signs of alteration to the vehicle. Imediate improvement in power is accompanied by a sharper throttle response and a smoother delivery throughout the entire rev-range.

A variety of other upgrade components are available for the Audi R8 platform, as well as additional software revisions for other Audi models. Click on the link below to view the complete Audi products line from Superlative Autosport.

Superlative Autosport offer the largest range of performance upgrade parts developed specifically for the Bentley Motors W12 twin turbo engined cars. From inlarged intercoolers, turbocharger upgrades, anti-roll bars, ECU software, lowering modules, high flow air intakes, to full exhaust systems, Superlative Autosport can transform your Bentley into the fastest and best handling Bentley around.

Keep the class and style of a Bentley with the performance of a supercar.

Click on the link for the complete Bentley products page.

Whether you have a 360 Stradale or a newer 458 Italia Ferrari, Superlative Autosport has an ECU software upgrade guaranteed to improve your stallions performance. Pair the performance ECU software upgrade, with one of the complete sport exhaust systems available for your particular model and you will have the ulitmate sound and performance partnership for your Ferrari.

Ferrari engine upgrades, suspension, ECU software, exhaust systems and wheel options can be viewed at the link.

Jaguar software upgrades, suspension, exhaust systems and other performance upgrades for a most sport chassis Jaguar models.

Click on the link to view the product line on offer from Superlative Autosport for your particular vehicle.

For those looking to unleash their raging bull, Superlative Autosport have the Lamborghini performance upgrades available to tailor suit your very needs. Options include; ECU performance software revisions for all Lamborghini’s including OBD2 Port flashes for LP models, upgraded suspension packages, lightweight forged wheels, full sports exhaust systems from the exhaust manifolds (headers), test pipes / high flow cats, to the sports silencers (mufflers) section, aerodynamics and big brake kits.

See the product listing page link below to browse all the current Lamborghini performance options offered by Superlative Autosport.

The Ricardo engine found in the McLaren MP4-12C responds fantastically to the Superlative Autosport ECU software recalibration upgrade. Live data is collected during the development period and adjustments are calculated and made to the fuel, timing, boost control and other various maps which results in faster turbo spool (less turbo lag), gains in horsepower and torque, improved throttle sharpness and even a more favoured MPG number.

Other McLaren models ECU software is available from Superlative Autosport, alongside a vast selection of other performance upgrades. Follow the link to see the options for your McLaren vehicle.

No matter if your Mercedes-Benz is supercharged, bi-turbo or all engine, Superlative Autosport supplies software for all AMG models. Chassis and suspension, exhaust systems and lightweight wheel package upgrades are also available for all models from a Gullwing to a Sedan.

Check out the complete Mercedes-Benz performance products line offered at the link below.

Superlative Autosport upgrades for the Porsche brand range from their signature ECU tuning software to exhaust systems, suspesion and handling components, lightweight wheel packages, engine builds and big brake kits. All models from the Cayenne to the GT1 are covered by the Superlative Autosport Porsche range.

Follow the link to be directed to the Porsche Product page.

The Range Rover is a heavy SUV, however after some modification upgrade options that are offered by Superlative Autosport the performance can be increased and the handling can be made more responsive and nimbler. Software alone is enough to make a spirited run through the backroads a much more thrilling experience, but for those looking for further power, Superlative Autosport offer a pulley and full exhaust system upgrade package.

The discussed products above, big brake kits, high flow air filters and other SKU’s are available for the Range Rover at the link below.

The Rolls-Royce vehicles pack a substantial powerplant, through carefully adjusting some of the maps found on the factory control modules Superlative Autosport can safely extract addtional horsepower and torque from the engine. The vehicle will operate like a factory vehicle, but if required it will have the extra power available when and wherever it is needed.

For technical data and further details on the RR performance line from Superlative Autosport click on the link.


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