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Motorsport Tuning For All European Luxury and Exotic Vehicles

Performance ECU Software

Professionally recalibrated factory control module software from Superlative Autosport improves; vehicle performance, throttle response and even fuel economy. Our engineers develop the performance ECU software revisions through a rigorous and lengthly testing proceedure. The development proceedure is carried out on both state of the art chassis dynamometers and also in real world driving conditions on the street and the race track.

Chassis Improvements

Going fast isn’t just about going fast in a straight line. Superlative Autosport offers chassis upgrades engineered to improve your vehicles stability during a cornering situation. From lowering springs to coil-overs, anti-roll bars (sway bars) to roll cages, we have a performance option to match your driving requirements. Addtionally, oversized big brakes are also available, these allow you to brake later for a turn. Be first to the apex.

Exhaust Component Upgrades

A key factor to a vehicles performance is flow, both the air entering into the powerplant and also the air flowing out. Exhaust system upgrades are not only beneficial to the power your engine will produce, but also the sound produce by your supercar or GT. Full exhaust systems from the exhaust manifold (headers) to the rear backbox silencers (mufflers) are available for all luxury and exotic European models. All exhaust components are manufactured using Aerospace Grade materials.

Lightweight Forged Wheels

Performance lightweight forged wheels are available for all model vehicles; Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, etc. In addition to the visually stimulating benefits of aftermarket wheels, the real purpose of a lightweight forged wheel is to reduce the rotational wheel mass. In turn, reducing this rotational wheel mass the car will brake quicker, accelerate faster and corner better. Various styles, widths, sizes and bespoke colour options are available.

Performance Engine Building

Whether you are looking for a stronger platform to start tuning from or you want to increase the displacement and in turn power from your factory supplied engine, Superlative Autosport can take care of all of your engine building and development needs. Using state of the art materials for internal components and the latest technology for machining, Superlative Autosport engineers are able to create stroker engine packages as well as bespoke engine builds for all European luxury and exotic vehicles.

Worldwide Services

Don’t live close to an Authorised Superlative Autosport Dealer and don’t fancy shipping in your ECU? The Superlative Autosport MTS (Mobile Technician Service) allows customers the opportunity to request a mobile technician to come out to their location anywhere in the world and program their vehicle with the software upgrade.

Partnering with the world leaders in logistics we can offer unbelievably quick shipping and mailing services on everything from engines to ECU’s.

ECU Tuning Sample Video Reel - Bentley Continental GT

OBD2 ECU Programming and Dyno / Street Testing Proceedure

The above video showcases the programming of the Bentley Continental’s Bosch twin ECU modules with the Superlative Autosport performance engine management software for the W12 Twin Turbo powerplant. Huge improvements in horsepower and torque are obtained through this software recalibration, the modified file is uploaded via the OBD2 (On Board Diagnostics) Port leaving no physical signs of modification.

Typical Bentley W12 TT Power Gains Comparision

Factory Wheel Horespower
Superlative Autosport Wheel Horsepower
Factory Wheel Torque
Superlative Autosport Wheel Torque


  • Performance ECU Tuning

    Increase your vehicles horsepower and torque instantly with a Superlative Autosport performance engine management software upgrade. Other by-product benefits of an ECU upgrade include sharper throttle response, smoother acceleration and improved fuel economy.

  • Chassis Upgrades

    From roll cages to lowering springs, Superlative Autosport offer everything you need to get the best handling set up on your European luxury or exotic vehicle.

  • Engine Building

    Full performance engine builds are available for every type of European engine. Some options are off the shelf pre-developed crate engines and other options are entirely bespoke, all engines feature internals manufactured from the highest quality materials.

  • Bespoke Projects

    Serious about a bespoke project? Superlative Autosport can turn your dream into reality. Our engineers have the skills and know-how to complete any custom project.

  • Mobile Technician Services (MTS)

    MTS – Mobile Technician Service. Anytime, anywhere in the world, Superlative Autosport can have a trained technician dispatched to your location to perform the Superlative Autosport ECU software upgrade available for your vehicle(s).

What people who have worked with us have to say

Mr Billy C

As my two teenage girls would say ‘OMG!’. I received a completely night and day difference in performance after I had a Superlative Autosport technician come and program my daily driver. It was news to me when a business partner informed me of this software reprogramming wizardry that could drastically improve the HP and torque of my Bentley GT, but now I am so glad he did. This vehicle is a true sleeper after the software upgrade, extremely impressive stuff! Huge power when you need it and all the regular day to day driveability of a regular GT when you don’t.

Mr Billy CBentley Continental GT W12 TT - ECU Software Upgrade
Mr Tom F

The V12 stroker motor upgrade for the Aston Martin is incredible, there is no other way to describe it. The stock motor did not really have any trouble moving my DB9, but now the displacement has been increased this thing now effortlessly pulls to redline in every gear. The motor also feels a lot stronger than before with the new uprated connecting rods, pistons and crank. The DB9 can still be driven casually but when you start to open it up, it just wants to be thrashed so it can intake more and more cool air to feed the monsterous V12 and in return provide you with more and more power.

Mr Tom FAston Martin DB9 Coupe V12 - Stroker Engine Upgrade
Mr David L

Being honest the McLaren P1 is out of my reach and having owned the MP4-12C for a while I decided I wanted to ask a little more, in terms of power from the vehicle. I came across Superlative Autosport who guided me through the whole process of having my ECU remapped, which I have to admit was extremely simple. For me the most convenient method was to use their MTS option and have a technician come to my office and complete the remap while I was working. The gains were very impressive, even on a supercar it’s incredible how much potential is left on the table with a professionally calibrated remap.

Mr David LMcLaren MP4-12C - ECU Software Upgrade
Mr Allen T

Considering the vehicle has a naturally aspirated motor I wasn’t expecting a lot from the tune. Boy did they prove me wrong, the performance was instantly improved after the software upgrade was installed and the power delivery is remarkably smoother even with the new found horsepower and torque. I highly recommend Superlative Autosport’s services to anyone considering an ECU tune.

I removed my ECU’s myself and then mailed them in to be modified, the Fedex overnight service worked perfectly.

Mr Allen TLamborghini Murcielago V12 - ECU Software Upgrade