Supercar Summer Drive in Orange County…

Orange County Supercar Summer Drive with Evan Paul Motorcars.

Supercar ECU TuningThere was a huge turnout this past weekend for the latest rally put on by Orange County’s fastest growing Exotic and Luxury Dealership. Starting off at the Evan Paul Motorcars Dealership location, guests were treated to full access to Virtual GT’s top of the line professional racing simulator where they could test out a Superlative Autosport tuned Ferrari 458 Italia on the world famous Silverstone track in Great Britain. Full motion and elite sound qualities provides one of the most realistic simulation experience available from any simulator on the market, endorsed by motorsport professionals – the Virtual GT Racing Simulator is as much a driver/track development tool, as it is an amazing toy!

Supercar ECU TuningVirtual GT Racing Simulator – Superlative Autosport Spec’d Ferrari 458 Italia Testing on Silverstone

Departing from the Dealership a convoy of Supercars headed down the infamouse Pacific Coast Highway turning heads the whole way down to Dana Point followed by a drive back to The Pelican Hill resort for a spot of lunch. A great day was had by all and the Superlative team are already looking forward to the next event.

Supercar ECU TuningEvan Paul Motorcars Lamborghini Aventador

Supercar ECU TuningFerrari 458 Italia

Supercar ECU TuningSuperlative Autosport ECU Performance Tuned Maserati

Supercar ECU TuningMcLaren MP4-12C

Supercar ECU TuningSuperlative Autosport AM V12 Performance Stroker Engined Volante

Supercar ECU TuningAston, Jaguar, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, Maserati….

Photgraphy Credit to: Car Ninja and Iam Ted7 Car Photography

Virtual GT Simulators Website:

Evan Paul Motorcars Website:

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For more images from the event please check out the Evan Paul Motorcars Facebook Page by CLICKING HERE.

SA Droid Flash – ECU Tuning via your Android Smartphone / Tablet



Performance ECU Software Revisions from your Droid

Safely maximizing your vehicle’s performance through precisely recalibrated ECU Tuning has never been easier. With Superlative Autosport offering multiple solutions including our Mobile Technician Service (MTS), Expedited ECU Logistics Program and Handheld End User ECU Programming Devices, we truly offer an option to accomodate any customer throughout the globe.

The purpose of this Blog post is to educate our valued customers about our latest ‘End User’ ECU Flashing tool, the new Android compatible SA Droid Flash! No more shipping in ECU’s or visiting an Authorized Superlative Autosport Dealer, just do it from home!

Simply connect the SA Droid Flash to your Android Tablet or Smartphone and vehicle’s OBD2 Port and get Superlative Autosport Performance ECU Software Upgrades anywhere in the world!


So what are you waiting for?
Contact Superlative Autosport today to order your SA Droid Flash!
Telephone: +1 949 287 4927

The new P1 vs…..


The Huayra is a different beast. It’s more theatrical than the P1, more artistic, more expressive. Compare the interiors if you want a physical manifestation of the attitudes of the two cars: both beautiful in their own way, but where the P1 is stark, focused and modernist, the Huayra is baroque, bonkers and brilliant.

Both have engines that will stand the hairs on the back of your neck to strict attention and work your neck muscles, but the P1 plays with the KERS-style electric motor to cover turbo lag and deliver a useable ev-mode.

The P1 also rides much better than the Huayra, especially at low speeds, and has an inch-perfect dual-clutch ‘box – the Pagani has a slightly tardy-in-comparison single-shafted sequential. All of which makes the P1 feel more cohesive overall, more polished. It’s not as joyous as the Huayra, but there’s a depth to it that deserves respect.


The truth is that at this end of the market, there isn’t a rubbish car to point and laugh at. They are all, in their own way, eminently desirable, and an owner could justify his purchase in a myriad of ways.

For Jeremy Clarkson’s world exclusive take on the McLaren P1, you need this month’s Top Gear magazine, OUT NOW or available to download on iPad right here


Aston Martin Performance V12 Stroker Engine Upgrade

The ultimate Aston Martin V12 performance upgrade on the market is the Superlative Autosport V12 Stroker Engine. Combining our knowledge of prior DBR9 spec engine building with countless development time spent on the R&D and testing a variety of configurations, Superlative Autosport now offer bespoke V12 stroker engine upgrades to Aston Martin V12 vehicle owners. Increasing the displacement to just shy of 7.1L the performance of the normally aspirated V12 engine is dramatically improved over the factory configuration.sa_aston_martin_stroker_engine_motor_v12_connecting_rod

Using technologies found in previous Formula One engines, the Superlative Autosport stroker features upgraded forged pistons, H-Beam connecting rods and a fully bespoke billet crankshaft. Pairing these motorsport infused engine internals with the heavily modified Cosworth cylinder heads, a full exhaust system and a professionally recalibrated engine management software revision, provides the driver endless usable power when and whenever they need it.


The Superlative Autosport V12 Performance Stroker engine has huge torque which gets the Aston Martin to have vastly improved 0-100 times and the more powerful engine also increases the top end capabilities of the vehicle even further.


Click on the links below to view the performance upgrades for your particular model:



- Aston Martin DB9 V12 Performance Stroker Engine

- Aston Martin DBS V12 Performance Stroker Engine

- Aston Martin Rapide V12 Performance Stroker Engine

- Aston Martin Vantage V12 Performance Stroker Engine

- Aston Martin Vanquish Performance Stroker Engine

- Aston Martin Zagato Performance Stroker Engine

Gumball 3000 ‘Number 13′ World Premiere NBFF

Gumball 3000: “Number 13″ Official World Premiere Hosted by Superlative Autosport

Superlative Autosport were proud to host the World Premiere of Gumball 3000′s latest production, “Number 13″. The event was held on April 28th, 2012 and provided the backdrop to this year’s rendition of the legendary country crossing road rally.

Superlative Autosport Hosts the Gumball 3000: “Number 13″ Official US Premiere at Newport Beach Film Festival 2012 from Superlative Autosport on Vimeo.

The Premiere took place in Orange County, Southen California during the Newport Beach Film Festival. In addition to the already jammed packed schedule of exclusive events for the NBFF calendar, Superlative Autosport hosted an exotic and luxury supercar event featuring some of the world’s most sort after vehicles for Gumball 3000. On top of the astonishing automotive eye candy on display, entertainment between the Premiere film screening and after party was supplied in the form of complimentary cigars and alcohlic beverages, state of the art virtual race simulators, music and great conversation.


Gumball 3000: Number 13

DVD Release 21st May 2012


The 13th Gumball 3000 film follows the story of MTV’s Dirty Sanchez stars Lee Dainton and Matthew Pritchard participating in the famous 3000 mile road trip. Driving alongside the most incredible array of supercars ever seen together their humble ride is a 20 year old VW van that they bought for just £850! From London to Istanbul, driving 3000 miles across 13 countries in just 7 days with insane parties each night takes its toll on the Dirty Sanchez duo and the rest of the Gumballers. Featuring Bun B, EVE, Ndamukong Suh, the Dudesons, Tamer Hassan, Costas Mandylor, Shane Lynch, Maximillion Cooper, David Hasselhoff , David Guetta, and incorporating the Monaco F1…its one hell of a week! Do the Dirty Sanchez duo make it to Istanbul…you’ll have to come to watch the DVD to find out!

Director: Maximillion Cooper /Arlen Figgis/Luke Hyams
Producer: Louis Figgis
Screenwriter: None
Cinematographer: Arlen Figgis plus varied camera people
Editor: Arlen Figgis
Music Director: Fleur Fuller / Arlen Figgis

Bun B, Buttsy Butler, Maximillion Cooper, Lee Dainton, The Dudesons, Eve, Tamer Hassan, DJ Muggs, Etevan Oriol, Matt Pritchard, plus others.

Premiere Status: Newport Beach Film Festival
Running Time: 90
Country of Production: Europe

For more Gumball 3000 news click here.


Bentley Continental GT / Flying Spur / Supersports ECU Tuning

bentley_gt_continental_flying_spur_ecu_tuning_software_performance_superlative_autosport_speed_supersports copyBentley Continental GT / GTC / Speed/ Supersports / Flying Spur – Performance ECU Tuning by Superlative Autosport.

The Superlative Autosport Performance ECU Software for the W12 Bentley engine provides instant gains in both horsepower and torque. In addition to the newly found power, a sharper throttle reponse is delivered after the reprogramming of the factory Bosch control modules, as well as improved fuel efficiency.

This is all acheived by simply recalibrating some of the factory maps stored on the factory ECU’s through the OBD2 (On Board Diagnostics) port located inside your vehicle. Therefore, there are absolutely no physical signs of alterations or modifications made to the vehicle.


The performance software can be installed at any Superlative Autosport Authorised Dealer location worldwide, you can send in your ECU’s for programming or another option is to use the Superlative Autosport MTS (Mobile Technician Service).


Quick Facts:

- OBD2 Programming Method

- Gains up to 85 HP (GT Specs)

- Gains up to 123 Ft/Lbs TQ (GT Specs)


Please select your Bentley Motors model for additional information on the performance products available:

- Bentley Continental GT / GTC

- Bentley Continental Speed

- Bentley Flying Spur

- Bentley Flying Spur Speed

- Bentley Supersports